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Summer Rain

Summer days... [30 Jul 2006|09:42pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

So i think i really like writing in this agian.. i look forward to it, but when you really dont have much to say except the things i've done, it's disappointing...o well.. here are my last couple of days... I went to tony's yesterday. We watched disney movies <3 My daddy bought me pocahontas on dvd cause i couldnt find it on tape for some reason. So we watched that and we watched alice in wonderland :) hmm what else did we do... oh yea me him and his little brother played halo live on xbox. yea i kno we are losers. but that game is addicting. Other than that we just chilled. Today i was saposed to have tony and tori over but it didn't really work out. Oh well shit happens. but some family came over. OHHH hoe could i have forgotten.. my new baby cousin was born yesterday morning. My cousin's girlfriend kim had Dominic Christain Daniels at 7 in the morning!! i can't wait to see him.Happy birthday Dominic! heh. Melissa is back from florida today. Im probably hanging out with her tomorrow. Then she is going away...again...with lauren to north carolina. when she comes back i'll be in sea isle. hmm i wont see her until like the end of august. unless she comes to visit. Well... 13 days until i leave!!!! yay! me and tori are going to party it up and just... be awsome because we are. With tony of course. I hope that this school year i actually get to hang out with everyone still. Because once wrestling begins i have like only a couple days to hang out with my friends and boyfriend and take on clubs and work at the same time.Ah my life will be very very busy from like december to march. Oh well.. okay...i have like no more to say... Later.

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Boring couple of days [28 Jul 2006|11:07pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Okay let me just start off by saying. 15 days until sea isle for 2 WEEKS with the lovely tori and my love tony<3333. Im SOO excited. But besides that... the umm... i went to tony's yesterday. We just hung out and stuff like normal. Took some bands pics with phy at the park. Played with the hose the day before that at this house. That was pretty fun. Today was okay. I sat at home until like 2 when tori and kyle decided to stop over. But they had to go at like 4 cause there was a massive storm that came in. and they were riding thier bikes.I had to go to work at 5. It was okay. I didn't feel well. But tony and phy came to visit me around 6. That was good. and i pretty much just made many pizzas and decorated one of the liquor store guys grilled cheese :) alomost killed him with tooth picks haha. Tomorrow im going to tony's and we are going to watch disney movies :) and go to the mall so that he can turn in more applications for work. I hope he gets one. Journeys or hot topic would be cool. So tomorrow should be a good day. OH OH OH... BRACES ARE COMMING OFF AUGUST 31. just in time for school. so the people who say me with braces at the end of school last year will no longer see me with them! yay. 4 years is way too long. and it will finally be over. well the braces part. everything else is a long stupid story. anyway... my liscence is comming in 3 short months! if you want to be specific 2 months and 29 days. :0 wooooooooooo. okay im done.

Summer Rain

[24 Jul 2006|01:36pm]
[ mood | content ]

It's been about a year since i stopped writing and i guess the hype of myspace took me away from this, as it has done with everyone else in the whole entire world.Suprise Suprise. Tom you've created a monster.Whether u admit it or not we all get a little scene with some things. haha. A lot has happened which isnt surprising i mean come on it's a year. Im still with tony. Our year anniversary was June 17. It was a good day. Besides our one year it was Tori's birthday. haha. She's finally 16! This school year just blew by. Made awsome new buddies. Along with getting back with some old ones. Misty and Tori are the best and we are inceperable. During this year i lost touch with melissa. We pretty much stopped haning out all together but we still talked like we always have in school. Since this summer began me and melissa actually started to hang out a lot. Which was really nice because i missed her and i think she missed me. She needed a little away time from lauren i mean not saying lauren was buggin her it's just not good to hang out with the same person EVERY DAY. It gets lame. Hanging out with differnt people keeps thins intersting. Now that i started haning out with misty i met a lot of new people. And we had some awsome adventures. We've had the walmart adventure with Jon Todd lou and ann marie it was so fun. And me tori and misty had our girls night that ended in all night staying up and massive amount of energy drinks.It was amazing. Misty and Tori have sleep over a lot. And Now melissa too. Tony is amazing. We hang out a lot. We go out a lot with phy. A lot of random things. Me melissa Phy and Tony went randomly to red bank haha. Got lost on the way home of course. Ended up in delaware! but it was really cool. I had a couple parties this summer. Some awsome people and FUN. I'm most deffinatly having another one before august 12. Cause i am going away for 2 weeks down in sea isle with my love tori! and Tony! hah. with random visits hopefully from melissa phy and i kno i will see misty casue she will be OC with her family. So excited! Went to the movies the other night with mike tori bj and tony. We saw friggen monster house. haha it was funny. and i also saw pirates 2 with tony and his family. Great movie i might add. I amazingly go out just about everyday. Which was something i wanted to accomplish this summer becuase i thought this summer was going to suck. But it dosnt. It's probably the best one...EVER. No Drama. No Stupid ass girls ruining shit. Nothing but awsome-ness. Besides the summer there is a lot of school that i didn't right through. But.. there isnt much to say about the year. It was hard. The hardest so far. Grades stayed at A and B but i actually had to study for that. Never studied for almost straight A's before. Yup school sucked. The work did anyway. The people in my classes were pretty cool. Let's see.. first period was French and i had melissa next to me so we kept up with each other through that class. There was Misty. And Laura. And Katie sat behind me so i was informed of all that was going on in all thier lives. Somewhat anyway. Cause i really drifted from laura this year which isnt good. I need to hang out with her more. But anyway... 2nd period was math which i would say was one of my favorite classes. Misty Tori Rob Kyle Nick And Zelvis were in my class and there was shit happening all the time. either it was rob with his random noises or just all of us chillen in the back talking. 3rd period.. enligh.. just sucked. Joey kept me alive. Enough said. 4th was gym with lindsey lobers <3333 nicole aliyah tim e and dan. Such a fun period.then 5th was bio the horrid stupid ms willaims. But the same people who were in my gym were in that calls so it was also awsome. 6th was history Mike sat behind me and misty across with katie in front of her. let's just say that was an intersting class indeed. 7th lunch with my love tori maddy with the occasional jonny kyle stef dina and kris and random kids all the time that were anoying. and finally 8th period cooking. there was a bunch of black senoirs who jus did what they wanted and told of the teacher all day so that kept the calls intersting but mainly with tree bill and pat which at times was anoying. But who cares. So that was like... my school year. Did wrestling stats again with nicole Jp and dani. That was actually fun. Can't wait for next season. hmm. school sucked.I went to the avneged sevenfold concert in october! and warped tour last summer and dope/makeshift romeo/anew revolution/DOC/bleed the sky/mantis and another band i forget concert. Great Show. Maybe going to warped tour agian. went to daphne loves derby concert. and...thats it for the concerts :) and i guess that's all i have to say to make up for the last year of silence.I like my life.And im not caomplaining about NOTHING! arnt your just jealous?

Summer Rain

So my life is boring? [12 Jul 2005|03:35pm]
[ mood | curious ]

yes that is right my life is boring. The past 2 days i have been sitting inside. Altho i went out with mel and jay for about 3 hours. Wow. I was saposed to go to tonys yesterday but couldnt get a ride. so i am HOPEfully going tomorrow. :) im excited cause his house is cute. and i havent seen hime since... Saturday. lol. Arg... today i had to wake up at 9. For guitar lessons. Now im sitting here bored. I have work in.. an hour and a half... JOY. Okay Im done.

Summer Rain

Bleh [10 Jul 2005|12:15pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Wow its been... a long time since i wrote. I probably wont write much even tho theres a lot to say. Well... i did go down the shore for the soccer tourdament. It was fun/painful. We got up early and headed down round 8. My first game was at 10? so we got to wildwood and got some food then headed to the beach. Ive never seen anything like it. There was 56 fields all up and down the beach. so awsome. The fields were smaller and so were the nets so that was cool it was jus like indooor... just... on a beach outside hahah. The first game i did alright. It was so hot. We lost. Of course. We should of won.. they just got stupid goals in. We totally controlled the whole game. ELLIS CAME TO OUR GAME. i was so happy hahha. After the game we had 5 hours to jus... do stuff. Everyone kinda jus left and me and al were left to do whatever. we walked around for 5 hours on the beach and boardwalk. I was ssooooo tired and burnt. We had free passes to go on the piers but we didnt feel like it we went on like 3 rides. haha. And we eneded up walked really far down the beach.lol eventually at like 4 we stopped and passed out on the beach. Right in the middle of all the games. haha. that sleep was so great. We got up and found my mom dad and uncle. And played another game. We won! it was so hard to play tho. I was so tired and beat. I played pretty good tho. We won 5- 1. After that we went to sea isle cause thats where we were staying. Got showers and got dressed. Al ended up going out with some kids and i stayed with my cousin mandy. We walked to the promanade thingy and wawa. Cause i was hungry did eat like..all day. So yea.. then jus hung out at the house. Played mad LIbs. hehe and ate. Finally slept at like.. 12. Ugh the next morning i had to get up at 7. cause we had a game at..8. We were late :) hah. I played extremly well for this game. But... we lost.. 4-2? But they were really good and the team that beat us lost to them 10 -1. So we shoulda took 2nd cause we were better then every team but them. And we played really good agaist them.Yup so after the game.. i was in so much pain..Feet bruised legs bruised cuts on my feet. And all i wanted to do was sleep... so... i went home. And slept. lmao. I dont really remmeber totally what i did the last couple days of june. I most likely hung out with melissa and jay or tony. And worked.. that FUN stuff.I hung out with ashley!! Like last week. First time in.. a year. Shes so neat-o. We swam.. talked and eventually jay and mel came and stole us. Went to magnolia for water ice. Visted mike at wawa. lol. Then they blackmailed me into them calling tony and going to his house. lol. So yea saw him for baout.. 15 min. Then jus drove around. top down music up. Summer life babyyyy. Ashley loved the car. haha. But anyway... she left around 8. Ummmmmm what else happened.... fourth of july.. me and melissa were at her house.. and did nothing :) just like the year before.. hahah. I made her all these darwings lol. and she hung them all in her room. looks nifty. Um... couple days ago we went to the movies.. jus me and mel.. i dont remmeber the last time jus us went to movies... the last one i remmeber is... malibus most wanted.. the first movie we went to. aahaha..back in 7th. Annway it was nice. we saw war of the worlds. Good movie. We have been hanging out a lot lately. And jay has been sick/mexcian((he was in pain from doing hard work haha)) all week so he wasnt around most the time. The next day i went to the movies and mall and dinner with tony. It was cute. He payed for me and stuff:) heh. And we saw batman... it was alright movie. Really long. Okay... then the next day ... i went to the movies with my aunt peggy my mom and racheal my cousin. Saw... herbie.. oh god. It was...gay. but oh well.. Next day... i went out agian wiht my aunt peggy mom racheal and BACON. we went to hamilton mall. Big ass mall.. walked around for.. 4 hours. so long. I HATE shopping with my mother. she looks at everything. I ended spending a lot of my money. Went with 100$ came back with 60$ haha. only 40 $ lol. I bought the new finch cd. Uhh... this really good smelling perfume. Pez! and i a candle. My mommie got me some.. BRAS AND NEAT-O UNDERWEAR. lmao. they are really cute. anyway.... we finally left after a long ass day. I couldnt wait to go home cause my parents were going to the casinos with my aunt for the night. So they werent going to be home till the next day. I had.. rob jay mel and tony over. We hung out and stuff. Jay left. Rob tony and mel slept over. It was SOOO awsome. i had so much fun.We went swimming a lot and stuff. We didnt sleep until like 5. But we actually went to bed at like 2. It was weird having someone else in ur bed and trying to sleep lol. Everytime i moved i woke him up and everytime he moved he woke me up. lol. so yes i got like 2 hours of sleep. But i dont care.Cause it was fun. The next day... we got up at..like 8.. jus hung around. being tired. Laurn came over at like..10. and jus hung around. Rob ended up leaving at like 12. lauren left... Me mel and tony waiting for jay to come. My parnets didnt come hgome till about 3. They left to go to my cousins grad party i was saposed to go with them.. but i wanted to wait and jay drop me off. I was ggetting yelled at cause jay was late. He didnt come till 4.30. haha. And yea... jay took tony home.. and i went to my cousins. I hung around with mandy a bit allison a bit. Then left at like.. 5.30 cause i work at 6. Work was work... my aunt picked me up at 10. Na di went home... and went to bed.. I cant remember if someone called me las night.. i remember my phone ringing.. and answering.. and thats it. haha. it might of been a dream. lol. Welll.. that leads me up to today... which i dont know what i will be doing! im done... LATER KIDS <3

Summer is actually turing out well...

Summer Rain

FUCK [23 Jun 2005|10:29am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Yeah. Last day of school was tuesday. So glad its over. Everyone was all.. IM GOING TO MISS YOU crying and shit.. im just like.. yeah if i care about you that much ill be seeing over the summer and if not.. see you in two months.. People are way to... emotional.. and dumb. The only ones who should be like that are the senoirs. Oh well.. Yesterday i was saposed to go to 6 flags with melissa and jay and rob. But no.. just like everything else.. it didnt happen. I was massivly pissed. I was all excited i was going to spend a day with the people i care about mostest away from.. erial.. Muhahha. oh well.. we have all summer right? Today Katie cj and tony are comming over. Hopefully. Knowing me.. it wont happen. But im hopeing.Um.. We are jus gonna hang out and stuff. Lovely day.Katie might be sleeping over. That will be fun. Friday..... i dont know. If katie sleeps over then ill probably be with her. I CANT NOT WAIT UNTIL I GO DOWN THE SHORE. Im going to have so much fun. Chillen in my second home. Sea isle city. with my cousins. and playing soccer on the beach. Whats better then that? Being down the shore and then playing in a soccer tourdament ON THE BEACH. i cant wait. Saturday cant come soon enough.Staind id deffinatly comming here july 4. Me and my brother might go. They are going to be playing at the borgota in AC. and then agian july 12 at the tweeter. I think we might go to the july 4 one. Staind , breaking benjamin, no address and 3 doors down. Nice concert. Specially because staind is there.YES. I just gotta find someone who would go with me. None of my friends like staind.. :/



Summer Rain

hizappyyy :) [19 Jun 2005|12:17am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Yes.. well.. i dont know. i never write that much anymore.. But i still will update when i have time...

Friday i went to the mall with laura tony and his friend mark. and im happy to report that i am no longer single. THANK GOD. Im going out with Tony. WOoo. Hes awsome. ANYWAY... his friend.. mark.. likes laura.. and thats awsomely awsome too.. they all talk now and stuff.. im so happy for her. AGIAN ANYWAY... today.. i went to the movies with my 2 aunts mom and cousin.. JOY.. me and my cousin were going to like kill ourselves.. we saw sisterhood of the travling pants.. that movie is way to emotinal for me. I cried like.. a lot. im such a loser. Um.. i came home.. my parents had some people over.. of course whenever i have to work they have a party type deal. so yes.. i went to work at 6.. what a waste of time.. it was EMPTY.. i did a total of one load of dihes in 3 hours.. and it wasnt even full.. there were like a couple plates.. that it.. no orders.. and all i did was sit around and talk to jackie and pete. hahah. I left early. Which was great. Um.. tomorrow is fathers day. i got my day something. With my own money might i add. man that feels good :) um.. 2 more days of school thanks friggen god. wednesday me meliss jay and rob are going to 6 flags. YES!! what a way to kick off the summer. cant wait.. and monday im hanign out with tony katie and cj.. hopefully. :)

OKay im done.

<3 Happy happy happy. WOOOOOO I love this feeling... the feeling of a life...

Summer Rain

bored... [05 Jun 2005|09:22pm]
[ mood | bored ]

My weekend went kinda well. :) Friday i worked cause i switched with al.But it was prom so i went to al's house and saw ashley(( prom )) and amanda (( 8th grade dance )) ashley looked.. Awsome. im so jelous. And her date was.. hotter then.. anything.wow. Amanda looked so cute too. yea then i went to work.. WORKED MY ASS OFF. god. i was constantly moving and doing shit. That was the worst night ever. And it never ended. grr. i want my slow saturdays back. haha. anyway.. saturday i got up nice and early to do my hair for my cousins wedding. then i got my nails done :) they are pink! haha. came home and got dressed and went to wedding. it was so cute. they are so cute. aww.. everything is just cute. um.. then went to the reception. which was.. awsome. at first i was really bored casue i was sitting with only my brother and some aunts. but then.. me chris john mike frank and danny all were like drinking and stuff and it was just fun. we were all dancing and just having fun. lol. well we were there for like 4 hours and finally left round 10. came home.. and sat here. TODAY oh gawd today.. i did NOTHING. it was horrible. i sat around all day... im so boring. haha

2 i swear | Summer Rain

wow... [02 Jun 2005|08:40pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Well.. a lot has happened over this.. 2 weeks span of no updating. nothing really worth writing really.. i sure i can think of some things... the carnival was last week. I only went two times. cause i had to work the other days. I went on... thursday. it sucked!!! I went with mel and jay. and all they did was bitch and complain and i didnt want to leave them cause she normally gets mad. So i stayed. Eventually szerbin call me and she hung out with me for a bit which was nice. I missed her :) And uh.. i think ONCE i left them and hung around with a bunch of people.Probably the only time that was fun. Any other time i stopped to say hi to people they would walk away... yea.. well i left at like 930.Sat on the curb and cried like the loser i am at tc.lmao. then came home and cried some more. I also went friday. I went with Stef!! i had an awsome night. her dad picked me up and we went. Hung around bunches of people. Talked a lot with her. I enjoyed it. I SAW MARK! yea mark was there and i said hi to him. and stuff. Its been a long time man. But anyway... we jus had fun.. went on rides and stuff. Jd came and we were with him for a bit. That was fun. I saw a really neat-o fight. Some kid got knocked the fuck out. haha. Yup well i left at like 10. My parents were away so no one was home and i was massivly pissed cause i was home at like 10 with NO ONE HOME TO STOP ME FROM GOING OUT. that made me feel like a real loser. While my brother was over here with his g/f his friend dave and his g/f they slept over and i was jelous. they were all like perfect. anyway... saturday i went to work.. Joy. there is nothing to evem write about that. Sunday.. i dont even remeber. Okay.. the weekend that just pasted.. friday i.. dont remeber...saturday i agian dont remeber then went to work. Sunday.. oh man what a sunday... misty mel and jay came over.. we went swimming for a bit. then left and went to mistys. WAIT.. we stopped at mcdonalds casue misty was hungary and i had a massive stomach and we walked in and jay was like.. what are we getttin and i said.. i dont kno im not getting anything and he stormed out.. well.. there went the day from then on. Cause missunderstood me and had to be the baby he is and storm out. well yea we got to misty it all sucked.. mel and jay left me and misty cause Jay was mad at me for not buying him food. so yea that sucked. So they left i stayed with misty. We hung out. wlaked around a lot. Hung wiht seth.. bj.. some other kid.. and just talked. She slept over my house.. so we got back to my house around... 7 and walked around... stopped by ryans house and then walked around my hood with ryan bobby kyle and andrew. it was awsome. They all came back to my house and we went NIGHT SWIMMING!!! yes. they are so nuts! that was truly one of the best nights in awhile. they left round 11. me and misty stayed up and watched some on romeo and juliet. then went to myt room. we layed there and talked for like ever while listening to the cd i burned her like 5 times lol. next day we jus hung out.. took some pics. She left around 1. My cousins mike and raecheal came over for memorial day. We hung out. I love hanign out with mike :) hes so awsome! anyway... thats my weekend.. monday.. nothing tuesday work.. wednesday nothing thursday nothing friday will be work saturday... GETTING MY NAILS DONE!! then going to a wedding :) that will be fun. well thats all for my life update.lol..

i think im losing her agian. AGIAN.. what is this now.. 3 times? god. i hate it. once my life seems to go good. someone or something fucks it up. WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO TO DESERVE THIS. i think i really need to just stop talking because.. i talk to people i think i trust and it just comes back at my face. fucking two faced bitches. I hate them all. I HATE ALL OF YOU GOD DAMNIT. who can i trust anymore? EVEN WRITING THIS WRITE HERE WILL GET ME INTO SHIT AND THIS ISNT EVEN A PERSON!!! FUCK YOU ALL.

okay i got my anger out :)

♥ im my own worst enemy
i dont wanna be my friend no more
i wanna be somebody else ♥

Summer Rain

You raise me up... [22 May 2005|09:05pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Its been.. a couple weeks since ive updated. Nothing has really happened. Laura finally met paul. It was...interesting. Thats all i have to say. I met a really awsome chick! Becca she is so cool. lol. Um.. been haning out with meliisa and misty a lot lately. Which is totally awsome. Had some good times. We went to the mall and got these necklaces that say best friends forever. Muhhaha. (( its a joke )) and we all matched on monday. So great. Melissa and maybe misty are staying over my house this weekend and we are going to partay..No parents ALL NIGHT and guys with cars.muhaha... corrrection... guy with car. Hmm... but we ALL know that it wont work out to be fun exciting or great because im kim and nothing good ever happens to kim. Learned the hard way from expirence. BLEH. anyway... today was my last soccer game and guess what?!? we lost. Go figure. I wont be playing soccer now for a year! oh well. ON TO TENNIS. I cant wait till this week is over. Gotta get through... nothing on monday... work on tuesday (( picked up another day )) Nothing on wednesday... guitar on thursday and PARTY ON FRIDAY... ha i can wish right?

Summer Rain

mmhmmm [07 May 2005|11:25pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Monday i was saposed to get my hair highlighted.. didnt happen... hopefully this monday i will. Tuesday was my grandfathers funeral and it sucked. I got to hang out with bacon and racheal tho. But it still sucked. And i got to miss school.But again it still sucked. The worst part is when your at the cemetary and they play that song from the military and then shoot the guns. I hate it. ANYWAY... wednesday i went to melissa's with misty i had fun. Misty put on 9 of melissa's bras and we walked up to timber creek. She looked like she had HUGE boobs. She went from like an A to like a D in a matter of 10 min. People at TC where like..misty.. OMG.. hhaah... yea i left at like 530 cause i had soccer.Soccer was easy cause only 9 girls showed up.It was easy. Thursday i went to guitar right after school. My teacher let me take home her distortion peddle! weee.. i play with it constantly. lol. After guitar i had a make up soccer game so.. we trailed all the way to waterford. Played AWSOMe. i was proud of myself. lol. I played forward most the game with is unusual. and i got really good touches and like yea did well. We tied 2-2. Which is good for us. I have another game toamrrow agiast the same team. We will totally win. I hope. Friday i went to the mall with katie. I had fun. That girl cracks me up. I bought a bunch of shit. and my mom some stuff for mothers day. Feels so good to be able to Buy somthing for someone for the fisrt time with money that YOU have earned. So yes i bought my mom gifts with my own hard earned money from work! And a shit load of pez for myself. lmao. We went to subway and katie took almost an hour to eat. I wanted to kill her. She eats to slow...Came home.. hung out with ehr for a bit.. she went home round 1030. Today i went to a wedding shower. FUN. i looked like a slut. I liked it. Everyone was like.. Wow i didnt reconize you. You look GREAT. Man thats was i like to hear. After the shower i went over to melissa's. Misty and jay where there. We went to jays cause he had to baby sit. So we were there. I had a lot of money and didnt feel like staying in jays room so we all walked to wawa. except jay. How can we spend 30 dollars at wawa?? well we did. Ha. I spent all my money on other people. Im such a good person. Pshh. When we got back to mels they fought for about 2 hours. And then i left for work around...530. Grr.. the bar was so crowed tonight. There were a lot of dishes. My hands are pruny. and dry as hell. Thats what i hate. Well.. now i am sitting here. Not tired at all.Jamming to Lindsey Lohen. Im such a loser. lmao. Tomarrow i have a soccer game right in the middle of the day so.. thats all ill be doing tomarrow. JOY.

I cant live without you
can't breathe without you I dream about you honestly
tell me that its over
because the world is spinning and I'm still living
It wont be right if were not in it together
tell me that it's over
And ill be the first to go <3

Summer Rain

How i hate saturdays. [30 Apr 2005|11:40pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Yesterday morning i found out my grandfather died at like 1 in the morning. My parents were at the hospital all night.. what a great thing to wake up to in the morning huh? Your dad openeing the door... Time to get up.. oh yea.. your grandfather passed last night.. GREAT!! well.. anyway... I cried before i left for school.. really didnt want to go.. but i did. the day sucked.. but got better as it went on. Thne i came home... The phone did not stop ringing.. ever... sooner or later a bunch of family came over and stuff... I hung out with bacon and racheal. Which is always cool. Racheal ended up staying over. Mike had work so he couldnt. Yeah.. This morning i woke up.. no scratch that i was woken up to..racheal hitting me in the head with the pillow i was going to kill her!!!! I wanted to sleep so bad. But noooo. We got up..played some time splinter...and she left at like 11. Then i sat around. Went to work at 6. Work was soo lonnggg..soo many dishes.. soo many orders..gah... At least i got cook this time :) Not jus dishes. woohoo. Tomarrow i have to go to soccer.. and i really dont feel like it. When do i? I suck so bad. Oh well. Well..im done...

<3 kim

Summer Rain

[29 Apr 2005|04:24pm]
Rest In Peace Pop DeAmore
Forever in my heart

Summer Rain

Wow.... [26 Apr 2005|04:04pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I havent updated in what... 2 weeks. Amazing. Its not like i have much to say.. Ill probably write.. somthing. Yesterday i went to melissa's with lauren. It was okay. I was getting "upset" a lot. seeing them together and seeing how they act just made me miss having a best friend. Like that. And what they talk about just.. isnt me. I dont have a boyfriend.. I dont do other things they do.. and i dont kno. I dont fit with them anymore. So what am i going to do now? I dont want to lose melissa. Ive done that once already.I screwed her over for people i thought i knew and thought would never do it to me.. Oh how i was wrong.. Even tho we arnt like we used to.. i still dont want to lose her agian. She's pretty much all i have left of my social life.What else is new. But anyway...Yea i hung out with them... we walked around.. they talked.. i walked... They were hungry so we went to mcdonalds.. they ate.. and talked more. I tried to say something.. and just got yelled at.So i stopped talking im sorry i dont kno what its like to be in a "serious" relationship. At least i dont go crazy when i dont see my boyfriend. Oh well.. thats them. Wont be long until melissa gone with the world of.. pshh.... what ever. I cried in mcdonalds..cause melissa saying what she said to me made me think about it and just made me upset becase i dont have a boyfriend and i dont have freinds... and i hate myself so much that it hurts. So i couldnt hold it anymore.. so i cried. In the middle of mcdonalds. isnt that great. Enough of my stupid complaints.. Someone is just going to comment saying.. stop bictching when it my fucking journal to write what i fucking want to. and what i feel. Bleh. Besides yesterday... nothing really happened... well friday i had a lot of fun. We hung outside of melissa's with some people and i really enjoyed it.. it felt like old times. Me mel and emily watched all the guys skate and stuff. THere was... Jimmy, Jay, Joe, Nick, Pablo, Seth ( for a bit ), Ed, Rob, Justin ( for a bit ), EMily, melissa, i think that was it.. and saw jenelle high lol. And lauren and ian. Yea... but it was fun. Once it got dark we all were just hanging around talking and stuff. Jay and pablo tried to do the space monkey on me. But i made jay stop. Lol. I couldnt breath and i though i was going to die.lmao. It was nifty tho.. almost passed out. I left around 10. I have a make-up soccer game tonight. Im kinda excited.. we get to play under the lights :) thats fun makes me feel special. Maybe we will win? Well.. at least im going out tomarrow:) I think im going to Giannna's with katieee... Ill have fun with them. Meet gi's ferret?lol.. okay im done...

♥ kim

You've taken everything...

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I guess your just what i needed [08 Apr 2005|03:37pm]
[ mood | excited ]

This week went pretty Fast. I really cant remeber anything. Wow. Except for today which went so slow i hate it. Tomarrow i go to maryland. :) i cant wait. Monday i hung out with katie saunders. She such an awsome person. We walked for 3 hours. And very far. We walked from my house which is next to mullen all the way to timber creek then up to britney woods and chilled at the park in front of ashton woods. Then we walked to wye oak. Walked aorund wye oak lookin for heathers house for about an hour and got lost. Finally found and exit and we were all the way at the dentists office on berlin cross keys road. SOO FAR. so we walked all the way to acme and then back to my house. Tell me that isnt far. we must have walked about 5 miles. When we got to my house we went to the park and chilled. Talked and swung. lol Tuesday i think i went out with melissa. Yea i did. We cruised in jay new convertiable camero. Which is awsome. It was really nice out so we had the top down. Pimp pimp. Went to ritas! I SAW JENNA!!! man i love her.lol. yes i talked to her for a bit. and then.. drove around. and eventually went home. Wednesday - I had soccer after school round 5. It was sooo hot. I could hardly breathe running in the heat. Sucked really bad. then went home. Thursday - went to guitar. Then food shopping. Then did nothing. My aunt came over. Today - NOTHING! as of now. Cause i am a loser who sits home on friday nights :) GAH this weekend will hopefully be good. Well.. i guess i have no more to write. I never have a lot to write anymore. ha. Well...toodles

♥ Kim

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april is here.. and its living up to its title.. april showers?? may flowers??? god i hate rain. [02 Apr 2005|02:57pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Its saturday. spring break is almost over. i did absolutly nothing. I got out some days. Yesterday i hung with melissa and rob all day. Jay was there a little. He got a new car so he was working on that. But yea. thats what i did. We walked up to gallery for the show that was saposed to be there but it was cancelled so we just walked around went to erial point park and just sat there and talked. and.. went back to melissa's. and went home around 11. I have work in an hour... time to go sleep for a bit :)

Summer Rain

Woohoo?? [30 Mar 2005|10:29pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Wow... i had fun tonight. Went to soccer! It was awsome! i had fun.. AT SOCCER that is a first. i was doing really good. yes.. then i came home.. and stef told me to go to wawa. So.. i walked and met up eith katie and stef. Which was cool. so i hung out with them for like.. hour and half then came home... uhh.. melissa came to my house with jay and rob. Decided to go take a ride with em. Drove around for about and hour.. and came home.. may not seem so exciting.. but it was. So HA. i did somthing on my spring break. Tomarrow im saposed to walk to heathers with katie. Thats going to be an adventure. lol.

Summer Rain

Uhum.,.. i hate me... [30 Mar 2005|01:26pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I havent written anything in awhile... not like i have anything to write.. GOD... i hate my boring ass life. Easter sucked. First one without my grandfather :( ((R.I.P)) and since it was my gay family decided to change up everything. Traditions all gone. Usually my dad makes easter breakfast and lots of family come over and stuff. then at night we go to my aunts for a lovely italian dinner. Which is also great casue im with all my cousins and stuff. so im with them all day. But no.This year we go out to...Brunch... WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT???? It sucked. Thats it. Even my cousins said it sucked. Every holiday sucks anymore.

Besides easter.. i really havent been out. Seriously. Let's see... I went to the orthodontist.. JOY. then i did hang out with mellissa rob and jay for about 2 hours.. We went to salad works.. lost my phone.. Someone called from it and it was back at salad works.. so i had to leave and get it. So agian.. that sucked. Waste of a night. Yesterday i hung out with melissa and lauren. Which was awsome. Kinda. Had some problems with lauren. lol. Helped her out. WE ACTUALLY WALKED!!!! walked to CVS. Um... lauren left jay came at like 430. Then went to get rob. and walked around all night.. Hung out with matt rutter? walked to wawa. yea that kinda stuff. went to robs for about half hour. HAD TO PEE SOOOO BAD. Got the car from jays... went home. round 10. Isnt that great??

Today... Done nothing. Sat around.. played guitar.. and did nothing. I have soccer at 5. Wow.. i actually want to go to soccer. that is sad. I WANT TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!!!

Summer Rain

Spring break... [20 Mar 2005|10:18am]
[ mood | blank ]

Wow spring break is in.. 4 days.how great is that. Hopefully it will be cool.

Last night i had my first night of work at my uncles bar. Wasnt too bad. Did a shit load of dishes. Course my first night there was a party of like 90 people. and it was buffet so there was a massive amount of dishes and food to make. Made a nifty 35 bucks? i think thats how much. not too bad for 5 and a half hours lol. anywho.. friday was... blah... it was saposed to be really fun but it ended up being like... what are we going to do??? all night and like mel being mad at jay and a lot of yelling. Oh well. Today i have a soccer game. I get to play in the rain... Joy.. god i want it to be canclled. Well warped tour bands are like awsome this year. even tho like all the good bands arnt at our date which pisses me off. Oh well maybe this time ill actually see senses fail!


taking back sunday in 26 days.

Summer Rain

friday night... [11 Mar 2005|10:40pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

fridays are nice. I enjoyed this one. I went out with mel and jay at round 4. then we picked rob up and drove to depford mall. uh.. walked around there. then dorve around which is always good. went t echelon mall for about 2 hours. drove around some more. Got stopped by the cops lol. Jays lights werent on. I was very scared. but anyway.. we didnt kno where to go so.. we went back to jays got the licoln and jus sat in timber creek parking lot? why i dont kno. they kept trying to get me to make out with rob... jay was like almost forcing us. hes so werid. but anyway... i kept laughing so we didnt. i have a problem with laughin:) yeah it was like 10 so i had to go home. and now im here. that may sound really boring but of course.. you werent there and it was fun. tomarrow i have gay soccer practice. hopefully it will get cancled cause the grounds are mushy. maybe... well... im done for now.

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[06 Mar 2005|09:11pm]
[ mood | calm ]

my weekend sucked... excpet today was like.. awsome.

friday i went down the shore for regions.same with saturday. Stayed down there. and left saturday at like 12. Then uhh.. went home. Today laura came over and i made her over. She looks sooo good. Haha... we like jus hung out. and made food that didnt work too well. at all. We suck at cooking. well yes.. thats my weekend...

Laura's new looks...Collapse )

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leave this shit hole....for a day? [03 Mar 2005|07:32pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Friggen taking back sunday concert in april... and guesss what!! IM FUCKING THERE! hopefully. Jus need to get tickets lol. Thats totally not a problem. Oh god im so excited.

Tomarrow... i get to leave this shit hole called sicklerville..well for like 2 days. which is so great. Chillin in atlantic city up in the awsome ceasars hotel. Pimp man Pimp. Watching the oh so hot sexy guys at wrestling lol. Man i cant wait. whats better? I will definatly have pictures to bring back and will definatly post them up. Just becasue atlantic city is really pretty :)

Welll.... everything else sucks :)

wait i lied... my weekend was like really cool. Hung out at melissa's with jay and rob. Which was awsome. I slept over melissa's for the first time in like forever. and it was nice. And we just like drove around with jay and rob and went places. and it was nice. I enjoyed that weekend. One of the best in awhile.

im done.


Summer Rain

school's out :) [24 Feb 2005|02:30pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Hm... its snowing. and we got outta school a half hour early bitches! Great great. Hopfully we will get off toamrrow. 3 DAY WEEKEND!!!! but then next we start friggen standardized tests.Bleh. Now the freshman and sophmores take one too.. Called the "s" test WTF IS THAT? While the junoirs take the HSPA we take this gay one. Bleh. Oh well.. Im happy now too.. Im passgin math! i think i have an a! Let's see... nothign really has happened... here's my week so far...


We had off...I Went to visit my grandfather in hospital :( He was all sick and i didnt like that. Made me sad. The last thing i need is losing my last grandparent.:( But yeah.. i was there for about 2 hours then me and mom wen tou to lunch. Then that night jay mel ian and lauren kidnapped me and jay drove us to magnolia. Saw MIKE and i finally met chris. Yeah it was actually really awsome. wait... maybe this happened sunday... i cant rememeber


Went to school... then to melissa's. Jay was hungery so we went to Taco Bell lol. Then i made him go to Nifty Fiftys for milksakes :) Then we picked up Misty! Which is awsome. And went to the park in willamstown or somthing and like played on the play thinger. thne left... came home at like 5.30.


school..Came home... went shopping with my mother.. then sat home all night. Litterally alone.. no one was home. Well. chris came home at like 10 with joe... then i dont kno he went somewhere and my mom was out and my dad's in florida which i didnt know!! because no one tell me anything. I get a call from him i asked him when he was going to be home.. from like work.. and hes like... Im in florida... NICE TO KNOW!



tomarrow is the start of districts... woohoo....

Summer Rain

[22 Feb 2005|09:03pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

love is just another word for pain
it's a broken record repeating the same thing
when you want it it's not there
when you have it you don't care
when i lose it in the end...

the heartbreak, the heartache is more than i wanted
we gave up, we made up
it's not like you cared
deception, depression is all that i've got
am i losing what's there

and i've made up my mind
i'd be better off alone
love is just a waste of time

and all the lonely nights
and all the crushing scenes
and all the pointless fights

someone tell me what it means
someone tell me why hearts break
'cuz sometimes i think this thing called love is another word for pain

and i'm giving up on happy endings
the one's that are only in movies
where the guy gets the girl and everybody's happy
i think that's the way it should be...

Summer Rain

This fucking week is finally over. [18 Feb 2005|07:35pm]
[ mood | blah ]

This week was so long and sad. Thursday NEVER ended. and it was just so depressing i hated it.Brittany washington got in a car accident friggen only 17. She was like the smartest and like most perfect person. There was no way she deserved this. R.I.P

 Today was the last wrestling match. I didnt have to stat or call it in. Gia came. Woohoo.. I made her do it. Yeah.. it only lasted about and hour. We won a lot to like nothing. Great. Now i have nothing to do. haha. Although i start soccer tommarrow. First practice of the season :) And districts are soon so ill have somewhere to go then too. Wildwood is comming up:) Hmm... School sucks.. everyday. My life is boring.. WAIT... i went to melissa's today... for like 2 hours before the match. it was fun... we like drove around for a long time. Jay got his liscence like 3 days ago. woohoo.. yeah that was cool.. well.. I just found out my grandfather is in the hospital agian for the second time in like a week. This sucks.. Hes the only grandparent i have left. I dont want to loose him now too. Hopefully he'll get better....

*R.I.P  Brittany Washington 2/16/05* Only the GREAT die young*

Summer Rain

[14 Feb 2005|03:51pm]

HAppy Valentines day bitches

Summer Rain

[06 Feb 2005|04:57pm]
WOOHOOOO IM GOING TO STAY IN A HOTEL. haha. so random. In march im staying in a hotel for the states. Im excited. Lol. never stayed in a hotel. That i can remember. great great. Myabe that kid will be there too. haha. awsome. What would i do without wrestling?

Summer Rain

[06 Feb 2005|01:01pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Oh man.. i have no friends. What a sad sad realization. Eh Screw it im better off alone.

Summer Rain

Stole this from melissa [05 Feb 2005|07:22pm]
[ mood | happy ]


First best friend: AShley

First car: ¦x¦

First real kiss: No Comment

First break-up: Andrew

First screen name: Tigger.. something i really dont remember

First album: N'Sync

First funeral:My grandfather

First pet: Slippers my bunnie <33

First piercing: ears

First credit card: ¦x¦

First true love: None yet :(


Last cigarette: Few Months

Last car ride: Like half hour ago.. came home from my aunts

Last good cry: Few days

Last library book checked out: like.. last year

Last beverage drank: water

Last food consumed: Meatball round 4

Last phone call: Haa.. phone calls... what are they?

Last time showered: yesterday

Last shoes worn: DVS

Last CD played: TBS

Last item bought: A water

Last annoyance: People on MTV cribs

Last disappointment: Today

Last time wanting to die: umm.. Prolly awhile ago amazingly

Last shirt worn: Matchbook Romance shirt

Last word you said: clothes " i can eash my own clothes!! "

Last song you sang: Staind - outside

What is in your CD player? This day and age

What color socks are you wearing?: Green

What Color underwear are you wearing?: Black

What's under your bed?: feathers

What time did you wake up today?: 8 so early.. WRESTLING GRRRR


Current music: Staind - outside

Current taste: soda

Current hair: curly auburn brown

Current desktop picture: Brandon Boyd <333

Current book: Throwback

Current color of toenails: None

Current time-wasting wish: Oh gosh... Dont even get me stared

Current hate: Myself

Current love: Can it be current crush? Deffinatly have one of those.

Summer Rain

Bleh gay dance.... [03 Feb 2005|06:43pm]
[ mood | weird ]

Tommarow is the last day of ticket sales for the freshman sohpmore sweet heart dance... bleh... Oh well. Theres 3 more years of dances right? Saturday is all day home wrestling matches. Monday and Wednesday were the highlights of my week. Both were matches lol. I dont know what im going to do when its over. I was saposed to go to guitar today but i knew i wasnt.. I didnt know ne thing so i canclled lessons. School is gay.. everyday...A lot of my classes sucks. Math is alright...becasue heather katie phil and nicole are in there.. Lunch is great. Katie and the crew lol. Cough cough and someone. Gym is fun cause of like heather and katie and giana and laura and nicole and nicole and katie and nick and phil and rob. History is alright got katie and melissa and tori nick and joe and giana to talk too. Yeah... those are the only Alright classes just becuase i have people to talk too. The rest suck.


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